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Bridgford Foods

What can I say about Bridgford Foods?  Pepperoni, jerky, summer sausages, all qualifies as “man food”.  We recently worked with them on our latest cooking show and their products were the perfect fit.  When you are skiing, backpacking, playing pond hockey, you crave meat when you are hungry.  What better way to attend to the cravings than by giving your stomach what it wants.  What I liked best and that the snacks are light weight and fit easily in any pack or in your jacket.  If you haven’t had a chance to try their products, give them a shot. 

We Picked up Bridgford Foods as a show sponsor and as a thank you to our fans we were able to get 20% off all of their fine Jerky, pepperoni, summer sausages, and all other products in their online store. Go To and Enter the Coupon Code Cook Man Food for your discount.

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  1. Good Post! Enjoy your favorite baked foods and snacks by Bridgford at a $.55 discount with Bridgford coupons.

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