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Tequila – Ice or no Ice

Many of you that follow me on twitter may have seen a conversation go back and fourth with a few others about weather or not ice was acceptable to add to tequila when drinking straight.  I understand that some like to keep things pure and drink it at room temperature as they do in Mexico.  I often enjoy tequila that way.  I also see bringing ice to the table as a way to enjoy a lesser quality tequila straight up and lessen the bite.  I often refer to Milagro Reposado as my “table tequila” and I like to have it on the rocks.  It is not high end enough to drink without ice in my mind, but I am not into doing a shot or mixing in some limeade or what not after a hard days work.  So, I say, go with what you like.  If you like ice, use it, if you don’t, stay away.  Either way, enjoy your drinks the way you like them and keep drinking tequila.

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