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Goat Vodka



Vodka is my favorite thing to drink, period, so imagine my excitement when the fine gents at CookManFood asked me to step in and review Goat Vodka from Peach Street Distillers. I have tasted, sampled, and imbibed many vodkas over my drinking career, and I have to say Goat has the most distinct taste out of any vodka that has every graced my taste buds. It has bite, and not in a cheap vodka I would rather be drinking gasoline type of bite. Rather, it has a bite that draws me back in for sip after sip. This is a vodka made for on the rocks in my eyes. I have tried it in martini form, and it is good, but to truly savor the flavor, pour it over some cubes, kick back and enjoy. However, substituting Goat in your “well” vodka soda/tonic or bloody mary makes it ten times better.   On they inform that Goat is made with sweet corn of Olathe, which explains its unique flavor. Goat Vodka belongs on the top shelf along the likes of Chopin and Grey Goose, no question about it. Even if Vodka is not your favorite, I highly recommend you sample, or go overboard, on some Goat Vodka. It will give you a new appreciation for my favorite liquor.


Reviewed by:  The Justifier

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