Let's Take Back the Kitchen!!!

Green chili bacon vodka

I wanted to give an update about the bacon green chili vodka.  This past weekend we took the bacon and the chilies out of the bottle, ran the vodka through a screen to strain out the fat, washed the inside of the bottle to get the rest of the grease out and got the vodka back in.  So, how did it turn out do you ask?  Well, it has an amazing scent of green chili, the kick to go with it, and the awesome taste of bacon.  There are a few things that I wanted to note.  One, the bacon is not that easy to get out of the bottle intact.  Two, don’t bother eating the bacon.  I mean, it makes sense right?  Why not eat the bacon?  Vodka good, bacon better, vodka bacon, not so much.  My first concern was blowing the crap out of my kitchen with the booze soaked vodka but that turned out not to be an issue.  It was very weird though.  You saw perfectly cooked bacon, you smell bacon, but the end product was this tasteless meat that had nothing to it.  I don’t recommend it.   In the end, this was a worthwhile project that I will absolutely do again once this bottle is gone.  Have so other ideas for vodka infusions so stay tuned.

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